Marcus Howard

Story scientist

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About that "story scientist" thing

Picture a psychologist who does his thing in writing.

But you can just call me a copywriter. I won’t take a swing at you (probably).

I help tech companies win people over by turning content into connection.

And I use a crazy mix of tricks — from social psychology, storytelling and songwriting.

Want to work on something together? Or maybe not work on something?

Cool. Let's do that email thing. 



West Los Angeles, CA

Creative Consultant and Freelance Copywriter


One + One = Three
The Four Tendencies
Quantum Creativity


Senior Copywriter at Snap (contract position)

Creative Lead at Facebook/Meta (contract position)

Senior Copywriter at Firewood/Google
Senior Copywriter at ServiceNow (contract position)
Senior Copywriter at Microsoft (contract position)
Copywriter at Intuit (contract positions)
Copywriter at Digital Insight / NCR (contract positions)
Senior Copywriter at HNTB (freelance)

M.A. in Psychology, Amberton University
M.M. in Music/Theater, Southern Illinois University
B.G.S. in Creative Studies, University of New Orleans
B.S. in Physics, Dillard University

Additional Training
Comedy Writing, The Second City